"MEGA" the Middle East's first 8" DIY vinyl figure...

Artist Mo Abedin, based out of Dubai, just sent word about a huge movement of designer toys happening in his neck of the woods. He is the owner and founder of the urban arts collaborative called the "Foo Dog" and they have recently launched the Middle East's first 8" Do-It-Yourself toy titled "MEGA", which shares many characteristics of other DIY platforms but I feel sets itself apart with some subtle differences! Check out the video below...

Along with the figure release the also recently launched the largest custom toys exhibition in the Middle East in collaboration with 100 Dubai based artists (view the gallery HERE). They are doing their best over there to cultivate the urban art scene, expose untapped talent in the Middle East and spread the love of the designer toy culture, and would like your help in doing so. Head on over to thier site HERE, follow them on Twitter HERE, hit them up on Facebook HERE and just give them some love!

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