Andrew Bell @ SDCC 2010

So I am sure you all already know this... but Andrew Bell is flying in from New York with his whole Dumbrella crew to release all kinds of goodies to the masses where the majority of the time Wednesday - Sunday he will be at the Dumbrella booth #1335/1337 pawning off his goods including: New Creatures DSV and CopperBot Android T-shirts, Android collectibles series 1, and introducing Android Collectibles Do It Yourself edition, anot to mention the other great stuff you see above. Andrew will also be doing some signings/panel's where on Thursday from 11:30am-12:30pm Panel room 3 will host the Dumbrella discussion panel, and then on Friday from 11am-12pm he will be at the Color Ink Book booth #5569 signing the new issue of their magazine and doodling. Stop by and say hello to one of the nicest guys in the biz!

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