"The Lord" & "Barber" Custom Dunny's from Sergio Mancini and Igor Ventura

"The Lord" custom Dunny is a devil who is slowly trying to get away from the dark side, to repent from his evil ways. He decided to become a lord, a gentleman. Already managed to change his aura, but still keeps ties to his dark past. This is an amazing custom 8" Dunny by Sergio Mancini for a private collector in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and boy did it turn out sooooo clean, amazing work dude!

"Barber Dunny" is a custom 8" Dunny that custom artist Igor Ventura did for a private collector in Bend, OR. He says that he had this idea for a Dunny for some time, and he always thought it was a pretty original idea to use the ears as the barber shop poles. This collector wanted a surprise, so he decided to finally make the barber, with hand-made accessories and all that vintage look from the old barber shops in the USA, and what an amazing job he did on this one... both of these are top notch, production quality pieces!

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