KiLL's "Tentapuss" & Kaibutsu No Neko" vinyl kaiju figures revealed during SDCC 2010

KiLL! was on hand at this years comic con showing off his newest vinyl kaiju figures. First up is on that we have seen before in plush form and now it has transitioned very well over to vinyl and that would be the "Tentapuss", which DKE had some paint samples on hand and they look great. The figure itself is aboout 4" tall and is a pillar of vinyl love. Next up is his newest figure he is calling "Kaibutsu No Neko" or Monster Cat. This figure is beautiful in person and it features 2 paoint of articulation, a super hairy body, a pair of wings, and the head of a rat/cat... a perfect and welcome addition to the kaiju world I am sure!

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