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Jimmy Foo's hand-made CMYK & RGB "Oberth Colonists" figures...

We have featured works from UK-based artist Jimmy Foo on here before, and he just released some exciting news about a new line of limited edition, hand made figures that he is going to be releasing very soon. These figures called the "Oberth Colonist" stand at about 5.5" tall, and will be limited to a run of two separate editions of 25 pieces each. The two editions are as follows... RGB and CYMK and will retail for £55 + shipping. The best part about these figures is that seeing as they are all hand-made no two will be alike and each one will come signed and numbered at base of feet. Jimmy's main goal behind the creation of these is to get them into collectors hands at an affordable level... and boy are these looking totally stylized and awesome, reminding me of a little Mars-1'ish :-)! To see more hit up Jimmy's Flickr HERE!

The "Oberth Colonist"backstory:
"Originating in 1923 with a German physicist called Hermann Oberth. In 1923 Hermann Oberth published his thesis 'By Rocket into Planetary Space', which triggered wide-scale interest and scientific research on the topic of space flight. From this historical figure I named my characters.The Oberth Colonists were in a very unusual situation. Their home planet was being ravaged and eaten away by a fungus that was accidentally released from the Segesvar Laboratories operated by 'Rapid Allyc Enhancement Inc'.

It's still not clear what exactly they were working on but it seems to be related to the cosmetics industry.
As a result of this the Oberth Colonists were sent out from their swiftly dying planet to wander the universe in search of suitable habitats in which to re-establish themselves. The colonists are divided into several groups...initially there were the Oberth Colonists themselves and travelling with them were the Oberth Drones most notably RGB and CMYK who's responsibility was to begin terraforming some of the more inhospitable regions being explored."

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