"The Star Dust Night Walker" custom 5" MAD*l designed by Kat Brunnegraff

Kat Brunnegraff just completed another amazing custom, and on my favorite platform of all time. This 5" custom MAD*l is part of her ongoing Night Walker series and this on in particular is titled "The Star Dust Night Walker". Kat's unmistakable style translates so well onto vinyl and for all you peeps out there looking to add a great custom piece to your collection... head on over HERE now because it's up for grabs for only $75, great looking piece Kat!

The story of the Night Walkers:
"When Night Walkers walk across the sky they bring the night for everyone to enjoy. Their eyes are the moon and they watch over us all. This night walker is always very sleepy and can't seem to get the "Star Dust" out of his eyes."

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