*REVIEW* SkullyBoom "SB1" portable speaker system... ready to knock your socks off!!

We have seen designer toys make the jump into the speaker realm before, first with Marka27's Mini-Gods, then Headphonies burst onto the scene a few years back, and now new to the designer toy speaker market is SkullyBoom. These portable speaker systems do not only look cool, but have some serious punch behind such little speakers, and they also come equipped with a very durable belt clip along with a sturdy casing ready to take on all that you throw at it. These retail for $49.99 a pop, come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, audio cable, different eye plates, and can be picked up via the SkullyBoom store HERE, and if you act now, the next shipment is on it's way in and you can get a pre-order discount which is valid through July 1st only using discount code "lovepopsicles" for $10 off! Take a minute and watch the above video review as I will walk you through the packaging, the accessories, as well as give you a taste of the sound quality, and in the end let you know if it's worth while to pick one of these up for yourself!

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