3A sneak peek...

3A dropped their newsletter a few days ago and amongst all the goodies shown there was some great sneak peeks of toys to be shipped and some that are still in production. First up is the Bot Head that will accompany the 3AA limited edition Reimi TQ. This marks our first peek at the Mortis in toy form if only just a bot head. This looks to be a great addition to any collection. Of course these are long sold out now but for those people that bought these sight unseen I'm sure they are more than pleased with the results.

The next item in the newsletter is sure to be a hit, the Dropcloth 4 pack sold earlier in the year is shipping out this week. For those unfamiliar the 4 pack came with Junglar, Zhivago (medic), Snowballer (winter), and Monty (desert) Dropclothes. Also shipping this week is the eagerly awaited 3AA member package. Complete with 1:12 Nom De Plume, membership card, and Exclusive T shirt.

We also got a sneak peek at the 2nd anniversary drop of the special edition Birthday Bambaboss. These are premade and will ship shortly after the sale in July. These will be priced at $60. and will be sold at bambaland.

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