The Ghetto Reaper... will bring a smile to your face or will die trying!

The Ghetto Reaper... how refreshing is this mild-mannered bringer of death. Even though the subject matter could be gruesome/morose, the character itself is awesome and very fun! This figure is coming to us from Very Bravo which is a new brand of toys, design and fashion, conceived by the Italian artist Mauro Gatti. Mauro says that "The Ghetto Reaper flirts with the hip-hop culture in an ironic and funny manner, starting from its name, the golden tooth and the large bling jewelry with the RIP symbol around his neck."

The Ghetto Reaper stands at 8" tall and will retail for around $60. They have a planned launch for the month of April in two limited editions of 250 pcs each: Gold & Cold (left), dressed in black with a golden necklace and Silver Shiver (right), purple with the silver bling... with both versions being produced by Superpowers and distributed by Atom Plastic.

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