*ON SITE* Ron English @ Medicine Agency

This past weekend was chocked full of happenings all around the country... shoot around the globe, and unfortunately I am unable to make the trip to all of these rad art shows, but thanks to awesome peeps like Jay222 we are able to get a glimpse at one of these said shows. Jay222 was on hand at Ron English's opening at the Medicine Agency where Ron debuted his fantastic, mind bending 24" x 24″ 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle based on his painting “Mandala Grin” which was produced by Tools of the Trade. As you can see from the above pics, Jay is giving his best "Grin" impersonation as he stands next to the man himself with a Secret Base x Ron English X-RAY MCSUPERSIZED, which is now in Jay's possession :-) Be sure to CLICK THROUGH for more pictures from this event, and huge thanks to Jay222 once again for snapping the pics for me!

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