"Galtow" a new online comic from Xmoor Studios

Eric Nocella the brain behind Argonaut Resin also has an indie publishing company called www.xmoorstudios.com and they are putting out their flagship comic book series titled "Galtow" on iTunes. Galtow is set in the future where dueling Ninja clans fight to gain respect and become the one true "Galtow". Press release below...

"Set in the year 2015, GALTOW centers upon four characters: The silent master JIYA, The massive warrior KEYLON JAKES, the flamboyant Ninja WU REYMOS, and the psychotic LADY CAFA as they fight to survive a post-apocalyptic New York. The main story takes place almost twenty five years since the conclusion of The Second Vietnam War. The cities of the once proud United States are in constant turmoil, the result of conflicts fought over the years between the Great Clan Houses now acting as the ruling bodies after a disastrous civil uprising, from the ashes of the broken government Warrior Clans are now social classes, enlisting men and women who have embraced the codes of warriors from ancient Credos of the Ninja, Samurai, and Yakuza.

Fighters from all walks of life wage violent battles in the streets hoping to gain the attention and respect of the elite fighters. Duels known as the “GALTOWS” are fought in the great arena’s across the continent seeking the highest echelon of the martial masters… these warriors will go to any length to become a GALTOW master, including genetic enhancements, and cyborg augmentations. For to rule the Galtows is to be a living god on earth.

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