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*RECAP* SUCKADELIC Group art Show #2

So for those of you who were not able to make it out to the Suckadelic Group Suck-Off custom toy show at APW Gallery, NY, me being one of those people. Benny from Tenacious Toys was on hand and took some great pictures and had some great coverage on his blog as well as some great custom shots from the Suckadelic Flickr page HERE! Benny says from his blog that "It was nuts. It was a hot, sweaty, drunken mess and it was awesome. A huge crowd, a buncha cool-ass people, lots of professional-quality custom toys and someone left in an ambulance before I even got to step inside. Not joking." Mike Mendez aka NemO also was on hand and took a ton of video from the event, and he sent over some great shots of his custom.

The lineup featured 40+ arts including:
Itokin Park, Ilanena, Dead Presidents, Erick Scarecrow, Evil Design, jesse hernandez, kaNO, kill!, Koji Harmon, Gargamel( Kiyoka Ikeda and Naoya Ikeda, Chanmen, Katope) Lemerde, Lou Pimentel, Cliff and Sean of Monstrehero, George and Ayleen Gaspar of October Toys, Patrick Francisco, Paul Kaiju, Pon, Sara Antionette Martin, Jesse Moore (callgrim), j-roo and j-bat of Dynomight (below), Cupco, skulltoys, Dave Pressler, OsirisOrion, Gibsonian and Akirophoto of Nerdcore, Phetus, snaggs, Brian Slivka of Plastic and Plush, Jailbreak Toys, Nasty Neil, Nemo, Mezco, Living Dead Dolls, Matt "mother" Connelly, Tone Tank, Spooky Booty, Burt Banger, Mio Murakami, Cha-iro Brown (chef), Atom a. Armwrestler, Refreshment (below), Uamou, Tulip, Dice One, Angie Dutchess, Billy Roids, Killa Dicer.
Check out the below video that NemO made of his custom, as well as some great pictures to accompany the video! Huge thanks to Benny and to NemO for the pics and coverage of the event, just like when stuff happens on the West Coast we love to share the coverage with all you East Coasters... so thanks big time!

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