Jay222 for "We Ain't Plastic"

Keep an eye on your Qees because Jay222 is out and about and striking at will! Check out his latest video creation detailing the customization of TWO 16" Qees. Jay shows off his amazing creativity and scary vision as he takes two unsuspecting innocent Qees on a serious trip.

These two bad boys were customized exclusively for the upcoming WE AIN'T PLASTIC Qee Exhibit, October 2nd - being held in the hometown of Toy2R USA's headquarters - Lincoln, Nebraska. That's right - more than just corn and football - we got some serious designers hard at work. Keep checking back as we share additional sneak peeks at other customs for the show as we prepare for the ten day countdown! Also - check the event out on FACEBOOK and get advance looks and news about the event.

Check out Jay222 and all of his additional creations here! WE AIN'T PLASTIC will showcase customized Qees from more than 40 artists from the Lincoln and Omaha area as well as special guest artist (including Jay222) from across the country.

This event will marks the first anniversary of Toy2R USA and the pre-launch of the 15th Anniversay of Toy2R World Qee Tour in 2010! For information on being a part of the tour email info@toy2rusa.com and get your Qee on!

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