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Super Modified Studios • San Diego Comic Con 2009

Nick from Super Modified Studios made the trip over the pond once again, this being the third time at SDCC for him , and each year he has grown, not only as a company, but in terms of product as well! The first year Nick had pretty much the prototypes for his first series of robots titled MOD:one, which really sparked alot of interest. Then year two came around where he actually had those produced and distributed all over the world. As for year three he introduced something new into the mix, all wood robots known as MOD:zero, and MOD:two!

These amazing creations from SMS are made from old table tops that have been scrapped so they are completely sustainably recyclable material! Once created the designs are screen printed on! The MOD:two stand almost 12" tall and has all kinds of articulation and MOD:zero is a smaller wood version that stand about 5" tall. These are really great conceptually and in terms of design, they make the inner child in you scream for joy! Please CLICK THROUGH for a full photo slide show of his display booth at Comic-Con, as well as watch the video above where Nick talks about the process in the creation of these awesome figures!

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