*ON SITE* “Antidote” a solo show by Attaboy at 1:AM San Francisco Art Gallery

Unfortunately there is a bit of a distance barrier between San Francisco and San Diego which did not allow me to attend the opening of this show, but thanks to DrilOne, he snapped some great pictures for us, and from the looks of it the atmosphere was electric and the show looked amazing! Daniel Seifert aka Attaboy presented “Antidote”, a solo show at 1:AM SF gallery. The show included recent works that represent a swarm of his latest art in unlikely mediums. His imagination has been carved out by intricate detailed stencil paintings on plastic that project shadows, hyper-unrealistic color pencil drawings, hand painted resin cast sculptures, and an infestation of fungus style paintings. In addition, he will display a five piece plastic sculpture installation that he collaborated with sculptor J.Shea. Oh and you can't forget the loveable Gooberry which was on hand to lighten the mood :-)

The pieces are simply awesome, I love how Atta' painted on large pieces of acrylic, this lends to an amazing fell for all the pieces giving them an almost 3D look as the light bounces through the "canvas" and created shadow forms on the wall, really cool! There were a ton of people on hand including artist Alex Pardee and fellow blogger Scott from Laughing Squid! Enjoy the awesome photo slideshow above, and also check out the recent video interview we did with Attaboy at San Diego Comic-Con HERE!

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