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The Latest from 2PetalRose

The boys over 2PR has just released a new Guerrilla 1/1 custom available at their shop, and you can pick him up HERE. Also their Bruce Lee Kings (Collab with One sixth Bruce) are well on the way...Latest info from OSB: To give you a rough idea, Enter the Dragon BLK will come with a mirrored diorama, Woody inc is going to replicate it and scale it down to BLK size!!! Woody inc. will also replicate the dio similar to the Enterbay one for the Game of Death, again to BLK scale!! NICE! For all the latest info on these please visit their site HERE!

In the next few weeks we'll finally be releasing the next 2 Kombat Kings... 1 being their Snow King... this will feature a snow beanie...goggles... obviously some guns and skis!! They have been waiting to do this guy for ages! 2 will be their Army King... he will feature the army helmet... guns... bullets... all that lovely stuff . These are going to be much smaller in release numbers... only 15 of each will be available worldwide. Keep your eyes on their site HERE because they will have pictures and an opportunity to pre-order real soon.

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