Upper Playground/Juxtapoz Magazine U.S. Tour

Walrus TV Artist Feature: Upper Playground/Juxtapoz Magazine U.S. Tour
Featuring David Choe, Retna, Alex Pardee & Saber

In 2008, Juxtapoz Magazine and Upper Playground asked David Choe, Alex Pardee, Saber & Retna to paint their way across the United States. Traveling the country from Washington D.C. to the Bay Area with spray cans in their hands and cameras following, they bombed, brushed, and painted, leaving a swath of color and creativity in their wake. This short documentary piece, set to the music of Cutsoquick, captures the artists as they hit the streets collaborating on huge pieces and connecting with fans and admirers of their art from all walks of life. Watch the film on Walrus TV.

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