"Eyzor" custom Munny by Troy Stith

Troy Stith creator of Virulento the Lil' Lucha, the awesome resin figure posted HERE has just released a custom Munny who is inspired from the steampunk era of design. This custom he calls "Eyzor". Troy says that "Eyzor" is the first of a series he will be doing for Lindmir's Workshop (which is just my own creation, not an actual workshop haha.) This is a Great idea to base a series off!

The story behind the creation:
Eyzor is one of Professor Lindmir's first, but, favorite creations. It's watchful eye not only detects trespassers trying to steal from Lindmir's workshop, it also eliminates them with a blast of steam. If the intruders are lucky enough to survive Eyzor's steam assault, it's only a matter of time before his blaring siren alerts the rest of Lindmir's pets. Most petty thieves flee by this time, but for those brash enough to stick around, they soon find out they've made the last mistake of their lives.

This awesome creation is available now from Troy's store HERE, and is only $80! Look for much more from Troy as he continues to build his Army Lindmir fiends!

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