Toy Break - Episode 77 : Short and Sweet

Relax and join The Toy Break crew for Argus 300 by Secret Cinnamon Squad, Ugly Doll action figures, Mickey Indiana Jones and much more! Mix up an Arnold Palmer and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff
  • Curster Custom Winner and Star Wars Galaxy Cards Winner - Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!
  • Abraham Obama Bust Contest - 16" gold version Abraham Obama Bust by Ron English, limited to 50 pieces, $200, brought to you by 3DRetro.com - to enter, head over to the forum and post a picture of yourself dressed up as your favorite president - be creative and submit a photo, drawing, photoshoped image, etc! - deadline is June 17th
  • The Glyos Cut-Throat Custom Contest - Monsterforge is holding a contest on our forum for a custom ship and exclusive Glyos action figure, hand-sculpted and painted - to enter, simply reply to the contest post in the Glyos section of our forum - deadline is June 1st
  • Toy Break MP3 - use the "mp3" link above to download just the audio from this episode

  • IWG Sleepy Bear Series - by Rocket World - coming in June, new series of IWG figures includes a sleeping bear with spork, combat knife, and human skull trophy - bears includes brown, panda, or white with blood - price not yet available
  • Tenso Series 1 - by Torben - two figures, hand made, hand painted, articulated, and flocked include Tenso, 8" high, limited to 10 pieces, is €60 ($80) and Flosha is 4.5", limited to 5 pieces, is €30 ($40)
  • Black Mamba Medusa - by Erick Scarecrow - 10" vinyl figure from ESC Toys Kissaki Series, limited to 300 pieces - $60
  • Natural Wood Pecanpals - by Noferin - series includes five figures: Claudius, Pecan, Fanelli, Jac Jac, and Pandacake ranging from 4.5" to 6.5" tall - available now for $45 each
  • Craving some original art? - several pieces from the Common Nonsense show featuring Scott Tolleson and Ken Keirns at Rotofugi are still available online
  • Argus 3000 - by Secret Cinnamon Squad - "3 3/4" bootleg action figure - only 10 of these handmade resin figures were available
  • Uglydoll Mini Figures - by Ugly Dolls - 3" figures include Wage, Babo, Jeero, Ice-Bat, Wedgehead and OX, all available in classics and "Little Ugly" colors - $96 for a case or $8 each
  • Mickey as Indiana Jones - by Disney - 3" PVC Figure with whip, fertility idol, and satchel - $8 - available in Disney parks
Kaiju Korner
  • Kaijuice - compilation of 36 tracks sponsored by Super7, Rocketworld, Android 8, Optikon Rekords, and Kaiju Big Battel - $20
  • BotCon - Transformers convention featuring special guests, panels, a film fest, contests, and a sales room at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA from May 28th to May 31st - botcon.com
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