Dragatomi is opening shop...THIS SATURDAY!

Ray and Joanne from Dragatomi have announced some great news in the past month or so... they are opening a store front, so not only can you get great deals on all things vinyl toys/ art related online, but you can actually stop by their brand new shop this weekend May 9th!!!! Their shop is Located right down the street from Upper Playground in Sacramento, California, so if you live in or around those parts you have got to give these guys your support, so stop by and say hi.

Both Ray and Joanne have been nothing but supportive of my efforts with this site, and I wish them the best of luck with their new shop...which from the pictures look GREAT. For more pics and info visit their Flickr site or their blog, and if you are itching to buy some great designer vinyl hit up their store online!


2317 J. Street (Btwn. 23rd and 24th St.)
Sacramento, CA 95816

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