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Angry Woebots @ Intoxicated Demons Gallery


The Intoxicated Demons Gallery is situated in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Here you will find a colorful scene that moves along between hipness and a grungy attitude. People who live here have a clear idea of Berlin in a time everything moves pretty fast.

Berlin has currently more than 350 art galleries. But the Intoxicated Demons are different, because they focus on an often neglected art genre – so called urban contemporary art. The urban art scene worldwide is a fast growing network. In the meantime there are a lot of almost famous galleries in the USA (such as ‘blkmrkt-gallery’), in England (‘cablestreet’), France or the rest of Europe.

The gallery is quite like a mixture of a shop and a gallery – definitely a place to hang out, have a coffee or meet other people. They try to represent the scene – the way of urban living. You will find original artworks, screen prints, canvases or posters there for every budget. Beside that they feature ‘live-painting-shows’ with their most favorite artists worldwide.

Source [Berlin.Unlike]

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