David Cortes' Pugzee - Designer toy with attitude

Dave Cortes‘ Pugzee figure is now available for purchase, and is available from the Cookies N' Cream online store right now! Acclaimed toy sculptor Dave Cortes' first designer toy - Pugzee is a gangster Pug from Red Hook Brooklyn. While working for the mob bosses in the old days, he got knocked and was serving jail time. When he heard that his old stomping grounds of Red Hook, Brooklyn was undergoing changes (gentrification), he decided it was time to break out of jail and reclaim his old hood. Pugzee is out!

Standing at about 4.5" tall, the piece comes with a removable hat, cigar, baseball bat, comic book, thought bubble cards and a dry erase marker to express your Pugzee's mood by writing on the thought bubble cards! This version (Jailbreaker) is limited to 700 pieces worldwide! However the first 100 pieces sold through Cookies N' Cream will be signed by Dave himself! The piece costs only $29.99 and considering that it’s coming from someone of Dave Cortes’ caliber, it’s a STEAL!

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