"Wallpaper Memories (Black and Blue)" - Cris Rose

This is one of Cris Rose's latest customs, I am really in love with the style...top notch! Posted below is a quick little blurb that Cris wrote about this piece...oh how the days drifted by so slowly as a child! Great work Cris, as always!

"One of the glorious things about getting older, is that you start to appreciate history and memories. What would have been worn, damaged and therefore discarded as a child, becomes something of sentiment, the signs of wear actually adding value and character...

So, being the sentimental bugger i am, here is the first in a small series of Wallpaper Memories, painted as and when the nostalgia of my youth takes me.

Lets go fly a kite...

...in my experience as a child, that involved far too much looking up and not enough looking where you're going. Black and blue was the result."

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