SPANKYSTOKES x PATRICK FRANCISCO'S Bi-Coastal blind-box giveaway! **UPDATE**

So if you all followed the first ever SpankyStokes X Patrick Francisco Bi-Coastal scavenger hunt, I hope you all had as much fun as Patrick and I did preparing this for you, and as you can see from the above pics...both were found, and are now in their new homes. Here are some cool stories that go along with the hunt!

The TeddyTroop was found by Gazpacho in New York, and he said that he was not sure if this was going to be planted in uptown or down town and he also mentioned "I kinda put all my eggs in one basket here...hope it pays off..." and it did for him! He also said "I live uptown around 110 st but i made an educated guess and was staking out soho starting at around 2pm. took me 20 frantic minutes of running around (3 parking lots if you're counting) before I made it to the correct one on wooster and grand." Great stuff, and it sounds like you really worked your tail off!

The custom MeiMei was found by Diego, here in San Diego...this is one that we thought we lost to a regular passer by, but it turns out Diego was there, and snatched it. Here is his cool story;"I arrived at Balboa Park around 11:15 a.m. and went straight to the Botanical Garden because I had a feeling it'd be in the vicinity. I didn't see anything inside the building so I decided to walk around the park, scoping out other landmarks just in case you'd give another clue. I was in the Alcazar Garden (between the Museum of Man and Museum of the Living Artist) when you updated your site. When I saw it, I thought 'oh crap, why'd I leave' and ran all the way back. Once there, I noticed a couple people looking in the potted palms(prob Dodgrr and IlenePowell) at the front of the Garden entrance. Seeing them, I thought I was too late. I decided to look in a different area and walked to the right of the building. I found the mini palm and moved some bark lying on the ground next to the tree. I didn't find anything and felt discouraged. However, I saw the box as soon as I glanced higher on the tree. I quickly stuffed it in my hoodie's front pocket and casually walked away. When I turned around there was already someone else looking in the area.

I was in such a rush that I wasn't 100% certain that I had it. I didn't have the time to check until later. For all I knew, it could have just been a stray box that someone else left.It was fun. It's the closest thing I'll ever get to experiencing The Amazing Race, thankfully without the cameras."

Thank you all for playing, and hopefully we can do this again soon, but with other cities, and thanks again mostly to Patrick for making these amazing customs and giving them away! Rad!

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