Office Cronies by nottaTOY - Plushtastic Creatures

Office Cronies is a new designer plush line created by nottaTOY. If you've ever worked in an office, you know these guys. You've rolled your eyes at them. You've taken the long route to your desk just to avoid them.

The Office Cronies collection includes a cast of stuffies to titillate, provoke, or indirectly confront your co-workers. Put 'em on your desk to keep you company, give 'em to someone to drop a hint, or just collect 'em because they're pretty darn cool. They will make the absurdity of your workday more bearable.

The Office Cronies collection includes five different plush characters aimed at parodying office life; Mean Admin, Empty Suit, Captain Obvious, Fridge Raider, and Bottleneck.

Office Cronies characters stand between 9 and 11 inches tall with a flat bottom for stand-alone display, making them the perfect desk or cubicle decoration. They are firmly stuffed to make them plump and substantial and include a stitched name badge on back with an infamous quote that personifies their spirit. For example, Fridge Raider's name badge reads, "If it's not labeled, it's MINE! Wait - if it IS labeled, it's mine! No label can thwart me!"

The stuffie details on the Office Cronies Collection:
* A nifty badge on back with each character's name and infamous quote
* Flat bottom for easy display
* Made with a durable non-woven material
* Polyfill stuffing
* For big kids aged 15+
* Intended for people with good taste and an elevated sense of humor
* Each character is packaged in a polybag

The suggested retail for these is around $20 a pop, and you can pick your sweet plush creatures up HERE at their online store!

Info from the very great, and amazing DKE Toys. For Wholesale Inquiries about this awesome product please contact www.dketoys.com.

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