Awesome Paper Robot Movie - Promoting the Shin Tanaka/Giant Robot Contest

Giant Paper Robot Fight - Shin Tanaka Contest from elemental on Vimeo.

Win a trip to LA to meet Shin Tanaka and have your design featured in the Interactive Paper Art Show!

To commemorate the completion of the 4-in-1 Robot Paper Toy Project seen in Giant Robot magazine, Scion and Giant Robot are challenging readers to design their own paper figures for a chance to meet the master of paper figures himself and have their paper toy template distributed at the Paper Art Show in April in Los Angeles!

Enter the contest at Giant Robot Shin
1. Download the blank template.
2. Customize the template with your own designs — draw, paint,
use photoshop — be creative!
3. Scan or color copy your customized template and save it to upload later.
4. Construct your figure and take a photo of the completed piece.
5. Upload your scanned template and image of the completed figure.

The Grand Prize includes a trip to LA to attend the Interactive Paper Art show at the Scion Gallery in Culver City on April 11th; inclusion of the winning entry in the art show, as well as distribution of the template to all attendees; meeting of the Master of Paper Art himself, Shin Tanaka, at the art show; a $500 check and a Giant Robot prize package.

All details at giantrobotshin.com

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