Custom I.W.G. by Cris Rose - Vespbear

Vespbear created by Cris Rose was your typical robot bear, waging way against the Human Resistance force just like a good robot bear should. One evening, after a long and satisfying day crushing the skulls of men, he was on his final patrol when a group of fiendishly devious humans lead him into a minefield... Blown apart and with his head caved in, he was able to drag himself out of the dangerzone before going offline.

On re-initialisation, he found that he had been rebuilt with the help of an old Vespa and had been give an external robobrain with upgraded visual sensors! Vespbear the recon unit was born, hell bent on scoping out enemy positions and minefields and making sure this could never happen to another proud robot warrior. Just don't send him up stairs.

This custom by Cris was created for the I.W.G custom show h April in San Francisco. You can go check out the site for this show HERE and view other entries as they come in!

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