Wii Controller - for the small handed!

After the success of his "HEMP-MOTE" master customizer DHRECK set his sites on something bigger this time around...well actually it is smaller! This is the "MINI-MOTE" a minimalistic mod of the beloved Wii controller!

"This mod comes as promised with a pretty extensive tutorial/guide that is now also up on DHRECK.com. In the first part of the tutorial I make a base to later build on, similar to those used in the rest of my upcoming mods. In part 2 I continue building on this base until bringing it to an end as the Mini-mote, all the while explaining the work."

What an awesome looking modded controller, and for some great comparison shots, as well as a step by step tutorial of how this whole thing was put together visit his site! There are many other mods in the works, and as soon as I find out any more info I will put it up!


idlechimp said...

I looked at the pictures on the site and I just don't get why you would do this? It's not that much smaller and now it looks like it was made by a child out of silly putty? It just doesn't make sense to me.

SpankyStokes said...

Really...I think the final product looks great, and I did see the "Silly putty" shots, but I think that was in the process, the final looks pretty streamline, I kinda see what you are saying why do this...but just like toy customizers, he has found his niche and is trying different things.