Wasperghost, cute little mounds of vinyl!

Duck and Cover, here come Waotoyz!!! Straight out of the screwed up wonderful world of WAO, these new pals will make your day!

The Wasperghost, a meticulously designed 2.5 inches tall vinyl creature, is a nasty toy for nasty people. He has traveled the world, been adopted and customized from Switzerland to Japan with great success. These are extremely limited to only 333 pcs of each color. and are going to retail for $10 each!

Now if the colored versions are not your type, and you dig the shape and instead of buying the painted one and stripping it...save the production pieces for the collectors and all you DIY'ers can wrap your mitts around these little 2.5"vinyl DIY Wasperghost's. They come in either black or white and are limited to 500 pcs of each colorway. Suggested Retail $10 each.

Info from the very great, and amazing DKE Toys. For Wholesale Inquiries about this awesome product please contact www.dketoys.com.

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