There are 9 organs and a total of 24 characters in the ORGAN DONORS world.

Some info from FOOX-U's site:
The ORGAN DONORS toy concept has brought together some very important considerations. Firstly, I wanted to make something that everyone could identify with and see something familiar in the ORGAN DONORS. Secondly, I wanted to raise awareness for this issue/cause. And thirdly, I wanted to create something quasi-interactive with regard to the blind box and availability of different characters in the ORGAN DONORS world.Only 12k worldwide - very limited edition, very limited run.

All Organ Donors come individually boxed in a blind box concept - meaning, it is a surprise as to which Organ Donor you will receive. Some are more rare than others (Lion Heart, Purple Heart, etc) and all come wearing the vinyl hospital gown with the butt cheeks showing.

At NY COMIC CON they showcased the original resins - these are resin based, hand painted, and very precious.

* 24 Colorways
* 9 Organs
* 5 Points of Articulation

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