Marshall Mashumaro - Your friendly marshmallow

Marshall Series 1 is a new art toy project produced by a collaboration between Chicago-based product development specialists Squibbles Ink, designer toy store Rotofugi and Michigan-based artists 64 Colors.

Marshall burst onto the scene in January 2008 when a relatively unknown design team from a small town in Michigan released a letter-pressed print of their new character, an infectiously happy little marshmallow boy who just happened to enjoy roasting marshmallows himself. The Marshall shown on the print was equal parts cute and sadistic, one of our favorite combinations. From the first time we saw Marshall we knew that 64 Colors’ partners, Laura and Eric, had hit on something fantastic.

Marshall Series 1 figures stand approximately 3.5 inches (about 9cm) tall and are made of rotocast vinyl. The series will feature 19 different Marshall designs (including the 3 secret chases!). Posted above are the "OG" version, the "Plush" version and the "Injured" version of this great looking figure. These will be blind box, and there is not a set release date yet, or a price point, but once I find out I will let you know...how awesome is this figure!

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