EXCLUSIVE - "Monster Hunter" DIY from tyleR

tyleR has been trying to keep quite about this as long as he could, but his excitement has gotten the best of him with the finalized prototype. This has been a concept he has wanted to bring to life since first starting the MUTT branding... the toy is called "Monster Hunter".

The idea is that you make your very own mounted "taxidermied" monster head. Just like the original MUTT, the head is mostly feature-less and gets its character from added accessories. These include several different accessories that are currently still in development but expect horns, eyebrows, teeth, antlers, crossbones, and much more! Another little detail feature of the design in a name plate under the head where you can name your monster or species you've "killed"! The plaque is 6.5" x 5.5" and the head protrudes 3.5" without any accessories added. The projected price for these is going to be around $29.99, great deal for a great product!

What's coming up with the toy:
The toy will be officially launched at planet comic con in late march. Along with the launch there will be 5 very exclusive custom monster hunters for display that will then make the trip to NYC for the MUTT show at APW.

The 5 artists participating are:
- Matthew Ryan Sharp
- MonsterDecay
- Project Detonate
- Trenton Matthews
- tyleR

And the most exciting part, expect a contest on SpankyStokes.com soon to design the official "special edition" accessory! More details on that coming soon!

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