Doktor A's Mechtorian Mini figures Series 1

Introducing Doktor A’s Mechtorian Mini figures Series 1. This first batch of 6 figures from the mind of artist Doktor A, are ready to join you in your household. Mindstyle has painstakingly recreated the mechanical citizens of Retropolis in great detail. The characters being released in this first series are, Sir Shilling Copperpenny, Mr. Head, Stephen LePood, Sentry Wheel, D. J. Gramo and Scuttler the Butler. Collect them all, and make your own Retropolis!

These figures were previously previewed at NYCC and SDCC 2008, are now on their way to your hands. ToyQube is opening up pre-orders for these figures by the set at only $89.94. Purchase them now, before they fall through your hands!

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