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TADO - 4' Tall Dunny for UK release**UPDATE**

Here is an awesome video, and pics of the 4' tall Dunny, that can be yours for £12,000...and it looks like you can't even tell what it is going to be( on purpose???), and as stated on Tado's flickr "Rather annoyingly our camera battery died half way through the day - grrr!! lots and lots of hair dryer action going on..." So all we get is this little snipet!

Look at the size of that thing...and the crate that it came in...crazy big. It sure would be cool if I were able to go over to the UK for this release, but alas no money, shoot I can't even go to NYCC let alone across the pond, but maybe someday!

**Update** Thanks to KR board member markwmohr for posting up this picture of the dunny on a more refined level...yet it is not complete as of now, but I am sure will be done before this evenings festivities!

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