"Humans Beware" I.W.G. Custom Show

"Humans Beware" I.W.G. Custom Show
60+ Artists customizing Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo D.I.Y. Blanks

Opening Reception with snacks and drinks:
Friday, April 10, 2009 from 6pm - 10pm – Show runs till June 6, 2009

The artist list includes:
DrilOneAW177 • Rebel SC • IZ the WIZSadeMetal Man EdJenny WolfRsin • Joe • CoreRoc • Cyan Banister (Zivity) • Ayleen Gaspar (October Toys) • George Gaspar (October Toys) • MotorbotPaulkaijuBert (gatchabert) GatchalianLou PimentelKaKeith NoordzyGrimsheepMatthew Ryan SharpKeith PoonNEMOBrandon SopinskyJon-Paul Kaisertoybot studiosCrEsToNeSpankyStokesClinton RenoLeeciferOsirisOriontyleRwillow408D-LuxCharlie Alan KraftTrenton M.Jeremy ReganJeremiah KetnerJim KochBrian ColinFAS • FOOX • BetsoGOCCODOjonpaulkaiser Squink!Pretty Poopie • ADDEccentric • CKaweekS PFOM • brainstrikers ARTDENKACris RoseMimicPhu!Matuchananan1Angry WoebotsBovinyl ApinaBrent NolascoChaweeksDaniel ElsonDustin CantrellEl MazHellopike • Jes • Kelly VetterMONSTREHERONewkonOkedokiReactor 88Scott StulenTan-ki Trenton M. • And a few more...

About I.W.G. (Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo)
In the not too distant future, the mysterious Astral Overseers put into motion their master plan....an interstellar space vehicle returning to Earth unknowingly carries a specially designed cosmic retrovirus which soon spreads worldwide thru the jet stream. Completely unaffecting humans, this new retrovirus soon begins to find its way into certain animal species. Quickly causing mutations, Earth begins to see a variety of animals evolve into self-aware or sentient life. A formidable combination of all an animal's strengths, an intelligence equal to humans, and some say new powers. Immediately gaining a new and more profound understanding the danger humans presented to their kind, this new breed of sentient creatures stays hidden from human eyes for years as they develop their own society and culture, albeit somewhat loosely based and culled from observing humans and their media. An immediate goal for these creatures was to organize, and begin resisting the human destruction and domination of what was once their "natural" habitat. Strangely, as they increased in strength, numbers, and sophistication, their tactics, tastes, and habits were increasingly becoming more "human" in many ways.
Full of conflict, contradiction, frustration, anger and the desire to save themselves and their world, a resistance movement emerged. The first of these resistance cells was the "I n s u r g e n t s W i l d e r n e s s G r u p p o "....


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