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Andrew Bell presents Bottle With a Bear Problem

Bottle With a Bear
by Andrew Bell & Chris Yates

Creature creator Andrew Bell and puzzle master Chris Yates are proud to present the second installment of their second collaborative 'baffler' project, "Bottle with a Bear Problem". The puzzles are designed by Andrew and produced by saw-ninja Chris. Numbers 5 through 8 of the 12 part series will be available at Andrew's Dead Zebra, Inc shop this Thursday. The 9"x9" puzzles feature 50 pieces and provide a pretty good challenge! They will retail for $150 each with free US shipping.

If you miss out on these, numbers 9 and 10 featuring icey cool blues, silvers and purples will be at this winter's New York Comic-Con kicking off February 6th.

Numbers 1-4 were sold at the last International Comic Con and even featured in WIRED's "10 Things You Should Have Bought at Comic-Con" gallery!

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