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2008 has been a MAD year!

So 2008 has flown by, and Jeremy Madl aka MAD has been super busy creating customs, approving new designs, doodling on blank 10" MAD*l's for anyone, and everyone that asks, getting his Solid Industries production company up an running, releasing blind boxes to loyal forum members, creating tons of 2d work, traveling from East Coast, to West Coast and back again and even abroad multiple times...and yet he still finds time for his family.

Here is what MAD had to say about his year:

There's a mix of production figures and products as well as custom 2D & 3D work. I know I did a ton of Doodled 10"ers both White & GID, but I didn't take shots of all those when I was doing em. Also a few of the customs I did didn't seem to get photo'd either so kinda bummed on that.

Anyways, last year was a ton of fun and by the looks of it pretty damn productive too! Here's to 2009 and hopes that it's just as much fun!
So 2008 has definitely been an awesome year from MAD, and 2009 promises to be even better, but it will be hard to top the release of probably the most sought after custom DIY platforms the 10" blank MAD*l...he has many projects planned, and time will tell what lies in the future, but I guarentee he will not disapoint...

I picked just a few of the many amazing pieces that MAD did this past year, production and custom, but if you would like to see many more you can hit up his "Year in Review" page HERE, or you can browse his Flickr HERE, and you can also keep your on on the ever popular thread over at the Kidrobt forum HERE.

Awesome stuff man, and I, and and many others, are really looking forward to seeing what 2009 brings, thanks for a great year, and cheers to the future!

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