*UPDATE* UK DUNNY SERIES - Exclusive Pictures

Alright, I got something sweet here for all the viewers of SpankyStokes.com, upon my scouring of the internet, viewing all the page sources I could find I ran across this AMAZING picture of the upcoming UK Dunny series titled "Ye Olde English Dunny Series" featuring 17 figures designed by top UK artists, with all of their ratios. This series looks very promising, and with artists like DokA, Tado, and Mimic plus so many more, it looks to be a stellar line up, set to release January 22!

From these pictures this series is shaping up to be a good one. I can't really tell you for sure how the QC on these is going to be...it seems as though most of KR stuff as of late has been hit or miss, but from these pictures they look really clean. I am also digging all the snazzy accessories. Be sure to find the nearest Dunny trading party in your area and go out, and have some fun. I will be down in Old Town San Diego at the new vinyl shop GUNNZO Thursday night, January 22nd, so if you can make it out there, don't be shy and say hi!

Pictures from PinkGhost!


krakit said...

Cool! a SpankyStokes exclusive!
Nice work on getting the info

John said...

Which one do you think is by Dok A? None of them scream out to me as in his style.

daedalusennui said...

DokA is third from the left, on the bottom row. Clearly his older style.