SpringLeap: Design T-shirts, and win prizes!

So what is springleap?

Springleap is a website that is chock-full of fun and amazing opportunities for artists to get big cash prizes, to network and attain that thing artists yearn for the most- credibility and exposure.

springleap combines all the goodness of social networking and online communities with the facility to empower artists.

Er... What is a springleap?
A springleap is a martial arts manuever (for REAL! EK SE!) where the martial artist gets taken off his feet, recovers in mid-air and delivers his opponent a fatal blow (whaka!) before landing safely on his feet. Sweeeet.:)

This is what we are doing with clothing manufacturing in South Africa. We are proving that we don't need to import cloth, services or outsource printing outside of S.A. We are showing that S.A. CMT (Clothing, Manufacturing and Textiles to you lay-persons), fashion and textile manufacturing can stand on its own too.

springleap also helps artists and the industry to rejuvinate themselves and 'springleap' into a new golden era of fashion and design.

And the best thing: everybody wins!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning springleap. If you ever want to chat to one of the founders about the company or what we're doing etc, just mail us, and we can chat on skype.

SpankyStokes said...

Awesome, thanks for the support.

Anonymous said...

Great News.
We just launched the springleap picture gallery so you can upload pics of yourself and spot others wearing springleap tshirts.


Enjoy. Cheers. Eric