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Plastic Booty Collectibles - Pantheon Series

Pantheon Vinyl Series
by Plastic Booty Collectibles

I had the opportunity to meet John and Anthony the minds behind Plastic Booty Collectibles at this years VTN, and boy do they have some awesome ideas and sculpts on their hands.

I dig the concepts behind the whole Pantheon series, as I love mythology, you are bringing all the stories to life in a proper/fun way. The Thor figure looks very promising, and I could see this getting very good reception in the toy community, especially with the rough colorways/designs you attached…really cool. As for Cerberus, this has a lot of promise as well, I like the 3 heads and the simple lines of this figure, I could see this having it's own custom show, and I am excited to see the progress of both figures.

Both Thor and Cerberus fall into the 6"-8" range with some rough measurements. It feels like the most comfortable size to be sculpting this series in and i think were going to stick to that size range for the duration of PANTHEON.

Rumor has it that Plastic Booty Collectibles is working on a separate release of smaller figures, but these are still in the design phase, and hopefully once they have something, I will be able to post it up here. These figures look really great guys, looking forward to many more updates!


Anthony Andres said...

Hey man,

Thanks for the awesome shout out!! We really appreciate it, and we've got alot more coming up!!

SpankyStokes said...

Yeah dude this is my pleasure, and once again sorry for taking so long...let me know what you got coming up when you get something together! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about plastic booty! Hope everyone likes it as much as me!