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Just in time for the Holidays - 8" Chocolate Dunny

8" Chocolate Dunny
Kid Robot message board member/customizer Rusted Halo has come up with some really nice custom pieces, but this one might be his sweetest yet(hehehe, get it?). This 8" Dunny is made entirely of chocolate, talk about a stomach ache!

Rusted Halo
goes on to say:
I tried making smaller ones but my mold was half-arsed. The 8" came out good though. I used the plastic protective packaging from an 8" Dunny, melted down some Hershey's Kisses (Orange Creme) in my fondue pot, froze the two halves and then using some more melted chocolate stuck the two halves together. Then just trimmed away the excess and there ya go Chocolate Dunny. It is 100% solid. It took 4 bags of Hershey's Kisses. If you love orange cremesicles then you'll love em.

He did an awesome job on this, and what a great idea. I have seen Dunny candles before, glass Dunnys, wood Dunnys etc., but this is the first chocolate one, and it turned great!

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