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Doktor A Mechtorians Series 1

Doktor A Mechtorians Series 1

Earlier this year announced the forthcoming release of this awesome mini-figure set, collectors have been paying a high degree of attention among the original release date expected this fall, there was a slight time-delay, but the latest news has confirmed that, Mechtorians Mini Figure Series 1 is expected to be issued in February 2009, according to this official picture, it is clear that MINDstyle maintained the delicate and always exquisite form to capture what the artists vision is. These are produced by MINDstyle, DOKTOR A must be super pleased with the way these have turned out!

Mechtorians series is expected to have 6 figures(others to follow), including Stephan LePodd, DJ Gramo, Mr. Head, Scuttler The Butler, Sentry Wheel and Sir Shilling, There will also be a chase version which will have an exremly low production. **Big pinch of Salt**Rumor has it that there will be a "Golden ticket" format ala Dunny blind boxes, for something not announced at this time.

A box of 12 is expected to be about 3.5 to 4 inches high, the current rate of distribution has not been announced the price alone is expected to be around $14.99 a pop.

*Note: Info is not confirmed, and is from an unknow source.


willow408 said...

awesome series from an awesome artist!

SpankyStokes said...

No doubt!