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Custom MUTT Show @ APW Gallery, NYC

Custom Mutt Show
@ APW Gallery, NYC

You read the flier right!!!! There is a custom MUTT show in the works and there is already a venue and a date...APW Gallery in New York on April 3rd.

The idea behind MUTT was to create a D.I.Y. that you could not only custom, but could custom build before you even get the toy to achieve more of what want. MUTT, appropriately named, is just that. you can mix and match any accessories giving you more options in the D.I.Y. side of things than were available before. the "shell" itself is an ambiguous shape that lends its self to go any direction you would want to take it.

MUTT is made of poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and stands 5 inches long, 3 inches tall, and 3 inches wide. the material is easily manipulated with small amounts of heat and takes paint and sculpy extremely well.

The Artist list (as of now) includes:
betso - brent nolasco - chelsea rae - crestone - drilone - FAS - hans yim - kerry lee - james yeah? - jeremy regan - lou pimentel - matthew ryan sharp - monster decay - motorbot - newkon - nasty neil - oktobot - patrick francisco - plasticme - pocketwookie - potna - project detonate - retoreject - spankystokes - squidnik - TNES - trenton matthews - tyleR - useless - willow408 ...and the list will keep growing, so stay tuned for more info and pics!

MUTT comes with a grip on accessories, and the list of these is ever expanding. If you would like to find out more info you can check out the MUTT MySpace site, or hit up tyleR(the man behind this creation) through e-mail at lethol@tmail.com. You can also see many more photos of his work here, and if you sign up on the KR forum, you can contact him directly through private message!

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