Toy2R’s (B)art Customized Qee Auction

This custom Qee auction is for an amazing cause...the Red Cross...so if you any extra coin laying around, please bid on these. They are all done by amazing artists which include: Attaboy, MCA, Buff Monster, Mark Nagata, KaNO, Jon Burgerman, HELLOPIKE, David Lanham, Jeremiah Ketner, Dril One, Clutter Magazine and others and these amazing customs range in price from $100 to $1,000.

From my own experience, the toy2R site loads really slow so Jeremy over at Toycyte has complied a list of all the "Bart's", and instruction on how to place a bid if you see one that you like. So please head on over to Toycyte and check out all the goods!

And for a little incentive, remember tax season is right around the corner, and if I am not mistaken any auction going to charity is a tax write off...so start spending some money.

Here are some of the customs...go to Toycyte to see em all!

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