Tuesday, June 4, 2013

McBess... coming out with a new figure?!?!

 photo Mcbess-sexdoll.jpg
With teasers being posted up via his Instagram over the past few weeks, artist McBess has finally spilled the beans about an upcoming figure that will be releasing later on this month. Featuring one of his scantily clad, devilish fiend female characters, this once 2D figure makes the leap to 3D and will most likely make it's debut at McBess' upcoming show at his "Dead Ahead" exhibition at Dudesfactory in Berlin on June 28th. It appears to stand almost 8" tall, and will be limited to 250 pieces. More on this figure when we get it... until then, enjoy the comped up photoshop image we put together above... featuring a pieced together face photo with the body. Oh, and I wonder if we will see a version with tattoos?