Thursday, June 27, 2013

"K3KO" from Fools Paradise

 photo kEko-foolsparadise.jpg
Continuing with their Star Wars themed projects, the folks over at Fools Paradise have just announced their latest Keko figure... dubbed, "K3KO" a nice little female spin on C3PO. This is going to go up for pre-dale on July 1st at pam PST via their website HERE for $239 a piece. Keep in mind that with a steep price tag, this is a handcrafted ART PIECE, made in resin and every part is handpainted... not a vinyl toy and not machine printing... so it truly is a work of art. I'm sure you all know why that photo is cropped... but if you want to see the NSFW photo of the entire piece, hit the jump.
 photo 1-1.jpg