Thursday, June 13, 2013

J★RYU x Dragatomi - "Til we fade away" double micro Sapling planter set for SDCC 2013!

 photo jryu-sdcc2013-sapling-dragatomi.jpg
We just got a little news about a special release from artist J★RYU, as he is releasing an exclusive double micro Sapling planter set for SDCC 2013 with the folks over at Dragatomi! Tentatively titled "Til we fade away", this cool looking resin planter set is the first double set, measures about 4" tall, and will all be hand painted! When we get more info, we will post it up, but in the meantime, MPH, Tenacious Toys, and Art Whino all have theri own exclusives as well.. so go grab em!

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