Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Finds... Pick-a-Mix!

 photo Pick-Mix_Mar22.jpg
Pick-a-Mix is back this weekend. Here is some items we want, need, love.
  • Dave the Chimp FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD. A1 screen print (84 cms x 59 cms) black ink infused with silver glitter!!! Hand printed by Mr Chimp and Louise Drubigny from artwork painted by hand - no computers involved! Edition of 30.  More info here  --  180 euros.
  • Like this fun fella Malarky. Stickers, I'll take these! --  £4.50
  • East coast hasn't seen much sunshine but I'd like to find a roof top with this guy when there is! Inflatable Alligator  --  $24
  • I heart Tippy. Make friends with Tippy here  --  $39.99