Monday, January 28, 2013

Menace Inc. Studios' "Warm Heart" & "Cold Soul" custom 4" Mini-Munny's!!!

Jeff Beck of Menace Inc. Studios just sent over his submission for the upcoming 'Blinded by Love' 4" Munny Blind Box Series 1 that is being hosted by Dave Webb. He will have the series going on sale at 5pm on February the 5th marking him and his wife's 8 year wedding anniversary... how sweet! The blind boxes will go on sale at his web store HERE and they will be $100 each.

Jeff mentions that the Blue one is called "Warm Heart" because a warm heart can always melt the coldest person... and the Black/Grey one is called "Cold Soul", because on the opposite end of love the bad experiences can make a person cold inside right down to their souls. These are both 4" Munnys with Magic Sculpt and Acrylic Paint and will come in the Valentine themed Chinese Boxes and will come with a signed art card.