Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Meltdown Dunny 8″ by Chris Ryniak

It's been quite tough to be tight lipped on this release as we have known about it for a long while now, but it all pays off in the end for you folks when Kidrobot drops a HUGE bomb like this release, as they are stoked to introduce a quad-pack of rad new GID and semi-translucent "Meltdown" Dunny's from Chris Ryniak!!!

This larger 8" version of his 2012 Apocalypse 3" Dunny is coming to us in a whole flurry of new colors including the "Green" Edition which is sold through Kidrobot retail stores, the "Yellow" Edition which is available through Kidrobot.com, the "Pink" Edition which is sold through specialty toy stores in the US, and the "Orange" Edition which will be available internationally through specialty toy shops. There are only 500 of each color up for grabs, retailing for $75 a pop, and will be in stores on February 14!!!